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People Strategy Forum

Char Miller


Sumit Singla

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Sam Reeve

Join us every Wednesday to hear top people experts discuss issues including how to motivate and engage a high performing workforce.

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June 23, 2021

Judy McCutcheon

For the past 20 years, Judy has worked extensively within the Caribbean region, North and Central America, teaching middle managers how to find new revenue streams, lead effectively in their teams, and increase their company’s bottom line. She has also worked with them to find solutions to their personal financial struggles. She will be joining us on our next People Strategy Forum. Judy will be speaking about Talent Management Post COVID.

Reward Systems Mastermind

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Join our monthly discussions about how new cutting edge tools can take the pain out of people management. 

July 13, 2021

Philipp Schuch

Philipp is passionate about HR technology, job evaluation, reward management, startups, evidence based management, emergency medicine and his family of course. :) He runs his own Business QPM GmbH, offering affordable and international job evaluation with www.gradar.com. He will be speaking about Job Grading, the foundation of good Job Architecture.

Zachary Weinberger

For more than 30 years, I’ve worked as a Total Rewards Consultant who helps employers across the USA (and around the world!) design and implement real-world total rewards solutions. I’ve worked in a variety of industries for companies of all sizes, providing expertise in compensation, benefits, global rewards, and HR business processes. In addition to North America, I’ve lived and worked in Latin America and the Middle East, taking my professional career to six of the seven continents.

My successful projects include rewards design, base pay, pay equity, bonus program design, executive compensation, global benefits, job evaluation, job competencies and job architecture - as well as rewards communication.

In 2016, I met Philipp Schuch and the gradar team.  I thought the product was an amazing tool that could support so much of the work I do.  I’m honored to be a part of the team managing gradar, LLC. He will also be spekaing about Job Grading, the foundation of good Job Architecture. 

Zachary Weinberger

TMA Masterclass

Agile Talent Management Strategies

for the New Normal

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Char Miller

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Sam Reeve

Lisa Jackson

Andre Blom

Be a part of this exclusive Master Class and be prepared for a full day of transformation.

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Past  Events

HR COVID-19 Forum

This series is designed to be an informative seminar combined with a participative forum for HR professionals and business leaders to collaborate and overcome our current challenges as a community.