ABOUT CompTeam

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Heather Hormell

Heather is a systems and data analytics expert.


She has 10 years of experience in creating and implementing employee onboarding programs which include aspects of company culture, industry trends, and facets of organizations to support employees through their new endeavors. In addition to new employee onboarding, Heather has developed and implemented department specific new employee programs, continuous employee development, and regulatory training

Heather’s experience also expands to oversee the implementation process of a variety of HR Systems including: Core HR Management tools, Compensation Management, Performance Management and Learning and Development. All of which support the intersection of HR and Information Technology to help increase efficiencies throughout the employee life cycle. 


During the major transition and implementation of our new Workday Advanced Compensation Module, Heather proved to be an integral member of the team. Heather’s ability to support the team went well beyond the implementation of this system. One of Heather’s stand out contributions was her work in the identification and build-out of a comprehensive survey library, used to complete Compensation Analysis for both our offshore and shore-based populations. Heather acted as an effective and knowledgeable liaison in support of the all-around implementation efforts.


Erin King, Manager of Global Compensation