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Hire the Best Talent with Strategic Competency Mapping

CompTeam is very proactive in making sure that our clients are hiring the right candidate from the start. Many of our clients come to us with a vast need for helping them sort out the best way to define the requirements of the job. Although there are many methods of classifying a position, we focus on defining the key competencies that are unique to the role that drives performance. We call this process ‘Strategic Competency Mapping.’ Let me explain a bit more about this process. Let’s say you are hiring a Tech Support position and one of your top performers in this role is Susan. Susan has worked with your company several years now and is the ideal performer. She is consistent, a great comm

3 Principles of a Valued Workplace

CompTeam has created a method called the Workforce Experience Scorecard to help our clients understand their workforce better, especially when they go through significant periods of growth. We broke down the importance of what employees look for in their career paths and within the companies they choose to work for. We found 3 main principles, with some supporting actions or elements. Let me explain a bit more. Principle 1: Motivate Motivation is key for any employee! Think about …. How do you convince your 5 year that going to Kindergarten is going to be fun? You motivate them by explaining they will meet new friends, learn new things, play at recess, and perhaps learn how to use their ‘lis

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