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7 Ways Talent Profiles Can Benefit Your People and Your Bottom Line

In today’s HR environment, organization’s and technology can boost the effectiveness and efficiency of any existing or newly created people management systems. One example of an underutilized system is the individual talent profile. A comprehensive and well utilized talent profile system can benefit both the assessed individual and the company as a whole. What is a talent profile and how can it be utilized? An employee talent profile is a compilation of useful talent and development based information that helps management and HR to make more informed and accurate employment decisions and changes based on a variety of criteria. Below are 7 vital components to include in your talent profiles:

A Risky Compensation Practice Companies Need To Avoid

Your company has been doing “it” this way for ages, and if “it ain’t broke”, management has no intention to “fix it.” In this instance, the “it” is the archaic and outdated spreadsheet compensation modeling systems that are, surprisingly, still being used by many companies today, despite their inherent risk exposure and downfalls. Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that the outdated and cumbersome excel spreadsheet models of compensation, while antiquated, are still effective and are not worth the expense of modernizing. The reality is, spreadsheet compensation models are a risk management time bomb waiting to explode. Human resources and compensation experts must work hand in ha

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