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Return to Nightmare on Spreadsheets

It’s THAT time of year again. The temperature is dropping and the darkness sets in earlier. The dimly lit road stretches eerily in front of you. While ominously familiar, it is shrouded in dark mystery. And yet, you and your team have been down it many times before. Staring straight ahead of you... it is the Return to Nightmare on Spreadsheet! Like zombie disciples, you follow “the one that must be obeyed.” For reasons unknown, the fearful followers fall in line to visit the overly complex creature we call the "Master Spreadsheet." You break out in a cold sweat, your heart beats faster, and you feel the pit in your stomach grow deeper by the second. And yet, in true Frankenstein fashion, yo

What HR Professionals Need to Know When Implementing a Compensation Tool for your Pay Review Process

The annual pay review process requires planning, patience and most importantly, accuracy. By implementing a thorough and intentional strategy, companies can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their review processes. While this concept is understood and appreciated, there remains the question of mechanics when formulating a strategy and choosing a compensation tool. What specific criteria is best considered when choosing a compensation tool for your company to utilize?When choosing an effective, adaptable and well formulated compensation tool, be sure to: 1. Determine the system compatibility This is fairly basic, however companies sometimes get deep in to decision making without fir

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