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Underutilized Benefits of Psychometric Assessment in the Workplace

As many HR professionals and business leaders are aware, psychometric analysis of individuals in the workforce has been gaining popularity as a tool used to qualify candidates during the recruitment and hiring process. However, the scope of benefits psychometric assessments can offer reaches far beyond just the hiring process. Here, we will explore just a few of the less commonly used benefits psychometric testing can provide your company to create an optimized strategic edge in workforce development, including: Internal job mobility and employee development Decreased recruitment, hiring and training costs Increased performance, teaming, and innovation possibilities 1. Internal job mobility

A Road Map to Creating an Employee Development Plan

An employee development plan can hold different meanings within various companies and organizations. Unfortunately, in many cases, employee development plans are reserved for times when an employee is struggling or is not performing at anticipated levels. By only utilizing an employee development plan as a response to a negative situation, employers are missing out on an underutilized and unleveraged strategic advantage. An effective EDP (employee development plan) can increase engagement, skill building, and performance within an existing or growing workforce. Every employee should be equipped with an employee development plan with the purpose of empowering, strengthening, and engaging all

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