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Stuck in the Spreadsheet Zone?

Imagine if you will, a world in which you are destined to repeat the same errors as your predecessors- over and over again, with no apparent escape. No, this is not a bad dream. You have just crossed over into….The Spreadsheet Zone. You know it’s not working, but you’re scared to walk away for good. The story is always the same- the upkeep is arduous and the imperfections are many. The benefits don’t seem to outweigh the pitfalls. You can’t help but wonder if there is something better out there for you. You guessed it- you are stuck in the spreadsheet zone, using spreadsheets to manage your compensation programs. As with most changes in life, the reality of switching to a compensation system

Business Creativity Through Adversity

► Business Creativity Through Adversity - Gary Barnes ► Shifting Leadership Energy from Catabolic and Anabolic in times of Covid 19 Recovery – Krista Resnick ► Talent Management Strategy Transformation Leading Through a Major Global Shock - Char Miller May 13, 2020 Download Presentation Here

Enable, Engage and Inspire Through the Covid-19 Pandemic

Employees first, customers next – this adage has always been important, and more so during the Covid-19 pandemic. When margins are wafer-thin, business continuity is under threat, and workplaces are getting increasingly disrupted, things are not easy for any company to manage. Even at the best of times, higher productivity and focus are aspirational goals. So, how should an organization make its employees feel the extra love and care during such testing times? From an employee’s perspective, the current situation has multiple levels of uncertainty and stress. Job security is at risk, and unemployment rates are skyrocketing. Political leadership is ambiguous, and well-being is taking a major

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