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June 26, 2020

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." – Michael Jordan

One of the most legendary basketball players, and one who could simply walk into almost any
basketball team, professes working in a team though he could very easily simply give credi...

June 22, 2020

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines ‘cohesion’ as ‘sticking together tightly’. In a workplace
setting, it would simply mean a tightly-knit team working together closely on a common goal i.e. a team displaying professional cohesion.

Just having the best kind of talen...

June 11, 2020

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, companies have been experiencing major shifts in the way they manage their people and their productivity relative to the chaos. When uncertainty and fear are rampant, discussions and focus on productivity and outcomes aren’t naturally...

Imagine if you will, a world in which you are destined to repeat the same errors as your predecessors- over and over again, with no apparent escape. No, this is not a bad dream. You have just crossed over into….The Spreadsheet Zone.

You know it’s not working, but you’r...

May 5, 2020

Employees first, customers next – this adage has always been important, and more so during the Covid-19 pandemic.

When margins are wafer-thin, business continuity is under threat, and workplaces are getting increasingly disrupted, things are not easy for any company to...

April 23, 2020

People Experts discussing topics including:

► Compassion & Clarity around Layoffs and Furloughs