3 Principles of a Valued Workplace

Workplace can be fun

CompTeam has created a method called the Workforce Experience Scorecard to help our clients understand their workforce better, especially when they go through significant periods of growth. We broke down the importance of what employees look for in their career paths and within the companies they choose to work for. We found 3 main principles, with some supporting actions or elements. Let me explain a bit more.

Principle 1: Motivate

Motivation is key for any employee! Think about …. How do you convince your 5 year that going to Kindergarten is going to be fun? You motivate them by explaining they will meet new friends, learn new things, play at recess, and perhaps learn how to use their ‘listening ears’. From the start of our lives, we are motivated by something. When it comes to our career paths and professional world, we can be motivated by several elements. Here at CompTeam, we have discovered there are 4 elements that connect to motivation: Teamwork, Leadership, Vision, and Direction. When you learn what element matters the most to your workforce, you can help them figure out what motivates them to excel within your company.

Principle 2: Engage Engagement matters to all employees, we have discovered. But the level of engagement is the factor at play. By having an engaging environment, employees excel more. At CompTeam, we have narrowed down the elements to 4 once more. These elements are: Empowerment, Impact, Personal Value, and Fulfillment. When one empowers their workforce with value and impactable fulfillment, the company’s vision comes to light in more than one way! Engagement is one of the reasons that employees leave an employer, so this section and its elements are often revisited during the year for our clients.

Principle 3: Reward The third principle is what many think is the most important when they glance over the principles. However, our team has discovered, via client feedback, this section is second to the Engage section. Within this section, the 4 elements are: Culture, Recognition, Development, and Pay/Benefits. Culture plays a huge part of this section, with Recognition sliding in as second. Employees care about the environment within the office and being recognized for their talents and skills. Development is also vital within this section. Pay and benefits come in fourth, surprisingly for many of our clients.

Overall, the three principles and their elements that create the Workforce Experience Scorecard from CompTeam has been very instrumental for our clients. Each client can determine what section and element combo matters to their company, as well as the workforce at their company. Should you want to know about workforce optimization, reach out and set up a consultation call with the team of CompTeam.

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