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Integrated Talent Management Workshop

Be a part of this exclusive Master Class and be prepared for a full day of transformation.


February 23, 2020

Online Event

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Create a new collaborative framework with a strong talent dialogue to enhance performance right from the start.



Utilize and enhance talents, while avoiding pitfalls using TMA's unique performance matrixes that will clearly identify the areas that should be developed according to the talents and competencies.



Using psychometric analysis, along with Talent assessment tools, place your employees in the right role according to talents, drives, ambitions and goals.



Create clear and concise expectations for specific roles using TMA's comprehensive competency library and with the help and input of a number of different stakeholders, including employees, managers, leaders, HR and more.



Get the right people to work together according to individual learning styles to encourage peer-to-peer learning and strengthen positive work cultures. Teaming concerns the inclusion of all team members and the most effective use of talents.



Undertake proper training measures that align individuals needs with that of the organization. Continue to use the talents that exist and create an environment where new acquired skills can be used effectively.


...or Outplacement

Every individual has their own dreams and goals. Maintain an organization filled with driven and motivated individuals by retaining staff that wishes to continue their growth within your organization, or increasing employability for those that don't.

Key topics of the Master Class:

Attract the Best Talent

  • Discover how to identify high performers before you hire them.

  • Understand the drive and talents of your candidates.

  • Learn proven interview techniques to identify the best candidates.

Retain Your Top Performers

  • Provide career growth and competency attainment that your people desire.

  • Discover the best approaches to develop your workforce.

  • Unlock the secrets to retaining happy, productive employees.

Motivate with a Targeted People Strategy

  • Learn how to build an agile workforce based on the strengths of your people.

  • Understand the power of talent profiles and career mobility.

  • Case studies from leading international companies.

What benefits will you obtain from your participation in this Master Class?


Create a talent management framework so you can build an agile workforce and take advantage of key learnings of top international companies


Network and share experiences and learning with other C-Suite executives


Attendees will receive a TMA Business Agility Assessment

and a

Action Plan

About André Blom


André Blom is CEO and co-founder of the TMA-method, a talent method and approach for organizational and human capital development. The company was founded in the Netherlands and accomplished rapidly the market leadership position. Since 2011 he dedicates his efforts to enter the international scenery.

Having a career in the Dutch Royal Marine Corps, studying social science / pedagogics and training recruits in the Dutch police force for 12 years developed a unique perspective on leadership and total talent management.

Today André works intensively on intercultural Talent development in Europe, Asia, Africa and South and North America. Weaving together theory from social science / pedagogics, extended leadership experiences, best practice with personal anecdotes and observations from hundreds international HR-business cases. André has found a way of clarifying what's at stake, how to align the interests of all stake and shareholders involved and how to get the best out of the true value of human capital.


As a passionate sailor, skier and diver instructor André lives with his family in Cascais, Portugal .

About Sam Reeve


Sam is the CEO and founder of CompTeam, a talent and compensation consulting firm specializing in workforce performance.  


His core focus is leading companies through transformational change by optimizing talent initiatives with reward programs to achieve long-term strategic objectives.  


Sam’s diverse experience includes the design and optimization of performance-driven variable compensation plans for executive, sales and core employee populations of growing companies.

Prior to founding CompTeam, Sam has worked in compensation functions of notable firms such as BlackRock,  McKesson and Automatic Data Processing (ADP).

Sam is a global certified compensation consultant (CCP, GRP) with over 20 years of experience in Total Reward Strategies.

Sam lives in Colorado enjoying winter skiing and summer mountaineering.