TMA Talent Management at Toshiba

HR-Managers, who have been working for one of the international Toshiba branches for many years and are responsible for Human Resource Management share their experience with TMA. The managers are not only occupied with personnel policy, interviewing, counseling during sick leave, conducting job interviews and giving introductory presentations but are also busy with recruiting and selecting employees, adjusting regulations and the outflow of employees. An important task is to support and advise management and executive board in the area of HR related issues.

According to HR-managers, it was difficult sometimes to select the right candidate for a certain position. Decisions made during the recruitment process were not always the right ones. As a result, the organization had to deal with a higher outflow than desired. Thus the organization wanted to get a better understanding of talents and the development potential of candidates. It was the reason for starting the cooperation with the Human Mobility Group and using the TMA assessments during the selection process. Together with the Human Mobility Group, we checked how to use the TMA instrument as part of the application process and the guidance of employees.

The managers have been using TMA Method for application procedures and the guidance of the 165 employees ever since. A certification training taken at Human Mobility Group helped to use the results of the assessments properly for asking the right questions during job interviews and made it possible to give employees the necessary guidance and support. Since then, TMA assessments have been regularly used during the second interview with a candidate to get a clearer and more complete picture.

One of the great advantages of working with Human Mobility Group and their TMA certification training is that you can ask more focused questions during a job interview and get more insight into one’s personality. It gives you a clearer picture of the candidate and shows possible risks. It has become a lot easier to make better decisions during the selection process. It happens a lot that a candidate creates a very positive impression during the interview, but an assessment shows that the results do not match the expectations regarding the job.

The managers have learned how to read and interpret the TMA assessments correctly, so they can calculate the risks properly. It helps not only during the selection process but is also very valuable for a manager, because the tips given in the report indicate how to deal with specific competencies of a candidate. The doubts the organization used to face when making a decision about a certain candidate can be removed now, as concrete conclusions can be drawn from the results of the TMA assessments. Ultimately this results in a better selection and a lower outflow.

“Thanks to Human Mobility Group and the TMA certification training, we are not only able to gain insight into the personality of applicants and employees, but we can also give advice about the right guidance and development of employees to our managers. We now have insight into possible risk areas and are therefore able to make better selection choices. In addition, we can take care of a more focused and directed management style and provide support on a more personal level to our employees”.

Karin de Jong – Toshiba Tec Netherlands

The Human Mobility Group is a TMA Partner